you've wandered onto our developer testing stage!

it looks like the real thing, but it's a sham!

go back to the real xiome.io

build a community on your website with open source web components

  • 📝 comments, forums, questions, and more

    so your users can engage and interact

  • 💰 premium memberships for your audience

    monetize your audience's support

  • 📺 offer private livestreams and video content

    reward your premium members with locked content

just copy-and-paste html to install

  • xiome components are compatible with nearly any website, and customizable
  1. create your community on the setup page and connect your website
  2. browse for plugins on the components page to copy-paste

sell memberships to your audience

  • xiome cloud charges a 9% fee to facilitate payments
  • but you don't have to use xiome cloud payments, it's just a convenience
  • you can host your own payment system, or simply go without payments and use xiome for free communities

xiome is 100% open source 💖

  • if you're a developer, xiome's login system and components can jumpstart your websites and apps
  • collaborate with us to make xiome a better open source platform for everybody to share

xiome is currently in alpha

  • this experimental prerelease is missing features and is rough around the edges
  • we might have to wipe the database before the real release
  • if you'd like to become an early adopter, let's stay in touch so we can tailor xiome to your needs